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Tuliline was established in 2015 and has proven itself as a leading producer and supplier of natural based skin care, health and food products in Namibia, focusing on producing and delivering the best quality to wholesalers and retailers globally. Our interest is derived from the best traditional knowledge system, utilized to satisfaction for centuries and [….]

Scents of Namibia

The Kunene Conservancies Indigenous Natural Products Trust (KCINP Trust) was founded in 2012 and markets its products under Scents of Namibia. Scents of Namibia brings to the world unique fragrances from the arid north-western region of Namibia.  It is s wholly community owned enterprise specializing in sourcing plant products and producing essential oils.  Because of [….]


Taneta Investments is a 100% Namibian SME established in 2015 with the aim of playing a significant role in our country’s quest to become an industrialised country by 2030. Our company has created a niche as a pioneer in the production and transformation of Marula oil into value added, finished luxurious cosmetic oil.  Taneta is [….]

Ethnic Essentials

Ethnic Essentials is an all-natural, Namibian and skincare brand, created to cater to the unique needs of ethnic hair types (type 4 hair).  We are dedicated to produce quality and effective products that provide proper nourishment to our natural tresses. The company was founded in 2016 with the ethos of creating a hair care solutions [….]


Mbiri Natural Skincare was started in 2015 with the vision to put Namibia on the map in the international skincare industry.  With many incredible natural resources, predominantly found in the rural areas of Namibia, Mbiri wants to impact peoples’s lives through buying and sourcing ingredients from community owned enterprises with a special focus on women. [….]

Makai Apothecary

Makai is an artisan line of handcrafted botanical apothecary products formulated for well living and radiant beauty. The foundation ethos of the brand is based on intention, mindfulness, and care in creating each product as an experience.  All of our formulations are clean, organic, non-toxic, nutrient dense and deliciously gorgeous.  We consciously source our ingredients [….]

Kuti Oil

Kuti Oil is a cold press oil manufacturer based in Windhoek, Namibia.  We are a proud mother and daughter Namibian business.  Kuti Oil exports Marula oil, a prized organic oil used for cosmetic products.  We takepride in bringing the traditional practice of pressing Marula oil into the international market. Our focus in the future is [….]


Kiyomisandz® Beauty Products is a registered cosmetic manufacturing company in Namibia. It was officially founded in 2015 by cosmetic chemist and owner Sandra Mwiihangele. Kiyomisandz Beauty Products aims to export its Namibian innovative products and to become the leading contrac t cosmetics and personal care product manufacturer in Namibia, while contributing towards Namibia’s efforts in [….]


Ilotu (a Subia word meaning “beautiful”), is an all Namibian cosmetic company that specializes in the production of natural, essential oil based skin and hair care products.  The products are ideal for persons with sensitive skin and facing various health ailments.  Our brand promise is to restore and rehabilitate the human body as a whole, [….]